Here's my story:  I am first and foremost created to worship. The various roles I lead are just avenues to give glory to God everyday...ALL day. While being a wife, mom, worship leader, HR Director, laundry queen, composer, or concert artist, I am totally committed to "honor" mode. Some days I do it well...and other days I'm glad God provided a thing called grace. My job is to embrace it and pass it on.

Here's my history (a.k.a. credibility): I graduated from Olivet Nazarene University in the greatest decade of all time with a B.S. in Music Education and an M.R.S. degree. :) My husband, Tony and I have served in various areas of music ministry for the past 40 years. We serve on the worship team at Christian Fellowship Church in Ashburn, VA and occasionally you will see me on the 88's -- honestly, those are the days that I get the most steps on my Apple watch! True Worship - Stomp Style.

Here's what's happenin': Currently, I launching an organization called FABLifeinC where people will be encouraged to share stories of faith and trust in God! Everyone has a story, but not always a platform! I hope to create an online community space to provide moments of worship and testimony to the goodness of God. Stay tuned for more information, watch for an invitation to be interviewed and peruse through a new website at www.fablifeinc.com. 

Here's what I love: I ADORE being a GLAMMY! My G-Babies  Ellis and Stevie are the cutest and most amazing little people on the planet. Follow me on IG or FB to get a peek at their beautiful faces (with dimples  of course) and see the adorable antics! My kiddos, Trevin & Mel and Taylin are the best adult children friends a Mama could only dream of. Their creative content, their hearts for service and humorous approach to life make me happy and proud. My hubby Tony is the best life partner  -- we've been hitched to the same wagon for almost 40 years. I would do it all over again with him by my side and holding my hand. I am honored to be his Guurrll.

Here’s my passion: To make music. My repertoire consists of contemporary Christian cover tunes, original compositions and parodies, as well as selections for praise and worship. Send an email or call if you’d like to talk to me about performing at a concert, retreat or a worship event. I’d love to share my gift with you.